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Annual Vans For Sale

Vacant Annual Sites now available!!

​​If you think you will enjoy the freedom of knowing you can escape to a home away from home in a relaxed and inviting environment, with everything you need set up, then you may like to consider buying an established caravan with solid annex or a cabin that is already situated within our Park. 


Occupancy of an Annual Holiday Site is subject to an Agreement with park management.  The site fees allow for up to 4 listed occupants under an Annual Holiday Site Agreement Schedule to stay up to 89 days (no longer than 28 days consecutive nights).  Additional people who stay on the site, not listed on the Agreement will be charged as visitors per night.   


Prospective purchasers of any dwelling within the Park must be interviewed by Management before proceeding with the purchase.  The Park will not accept new Occupants and will not issue an Agreement to another person or party unless Management has agreed to do so. 


For a brief description of what is included in the set fees, see our Disclosure Statement.

Preview our Annual Holiday Site Agreement.

And to see our Park Rules see our Information, Policies & Procedures.

​Please note that we are a tourist park only and do not permit any permanent residents. Annual holiday sites are for short term use only and cannot be sublet. ​




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